Why choose us

Here at 365 Car Deals Lease & Rental, we understand that leasing a new vehicle can be a long and complicated process. You’re visiting dealerships, arguing with sales people and it can be frustrating. That’s why our experienced professionals are here to alleviate that stress for you.

Car Deals is an auto broker, which means that we have spent years establishing relationships with manufacturers and work with them directly. Dealerships maintain overhead, such as cost of the building and lot maintenance, paying commissions to sales people and more. This makes the leasing experience much more costly for the average consumer. We eliminate those costs, and pass the savings onto our clientele.

This also makes our process of helping you find your perfect vehicle completely hassle-free. You tell us exactly what you need, and our expert associates will do the searching for you. No driving around town and no negotiating with salesmen. You can relax at home, and we’ll be sure to find you the best deals with lowest possible monthly payments in auto leasing.  We contact you with the price, and even if you change your mind you are not obligated to pay.

In addition, our selection is enormous. You’re not limited to a dealership that carries only certain manufacturers. Any vehicle, any make and any model you want is simply a click away on our website. After you’ve made your choice, we use our relationships with countless lenders to secure the lowest rate for you.

It’s easy to see why Car Deals is the leading auto broker in Los Angeles, and that we’re committed to excellence. Don’t let your precious time be wasted… Call 365 Car Deals Lease & Rent today.

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